BLOODLINE are Chris Mears and Robbie McDade, cousins from Reading in the U.K. Fusing together Chris’ love of EDM and dynamic dance lead genres, with Robbie’s inspiring pop/rock melodies and vocals brings a new dynamic to the dance music scene.​



Creating branding for long lost cousins.

Visually, as well as musically, the project draws on their lives together, their passions growing up and the complications that came with them, their families and their individual journeys through music. The logo is based on a family tree connection. The two members of Bloodline are cousins who connected later on in life to create music. We used amazing old family photos together when they were kids to create videos for their launch.

Studio shoot for Bloodline

We did a studio shoot with Bloodline that focused on their branding colour palette: orange, black and white. We used projections, coloured backdrops and lighting to create a variety of shots throughout the day. These images are their current official press shots and has been featured in many articles about the band.